9 Reasons to give flowers for mother’s day
Mother’s day

The Mother’s Day in America is celebrated every year on the 2nd Sunday of May, this day thanks to two women, one of them held Julia Ward Howe, writer and author of the anthem of the Repúbluca, she wanted to honor the Mothers dedicating an exclusive day for them, in the year 1872 began to hold meetings to celebrate Mother’s Day in Boston, where she lived.

Of course, not in all countries is celebrated on the first Sunday in May as in Spain, but there are different dates in the world. For example, in Germany, the United States, China, Australia and Bangladesh, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. In fact, it is considered as the International Mother’s Day throughout the world. However, countries like Hungary, Portugal, South Africa and Lithuania also celebrate it on the first Sunday of May as Spain.

And, although there is still a month to go, the truth is that it is time to think about the kind of gift we are going to give our mother to thank her for her unconditional love and everything she has given us since we were children. One of the most popular gifts for this day are flowers, which are always a precious gift. Here we explain all the reasons why giving flowers for Mother’s Day is an excellent option.

To make her smile

Several studies have shown that flowers help to improve the mood of the people who receive it, provoking in them an involuntary smile known as “Duchenne smile”. Something that is not able to be achieved with any other gift. Thanks to them, an atmosphere of incredible happiness is created and be sure that you will be able to make your day happy.

Your memory remains

Although the flowers wither within a few days, the truth is that your memory remains forever in our minds forever. If you have ever received flowers at home, you surely remember that moment perfectly. That is why many children choose them for this special day.

A piece of nature

Mother’s Day Quotes: About Motherhood and Being a Mom
Mother’s day.

Flowers are a natural gift that do not pollute the environment like other products. An ecological gift that perfumes the environment without the need to use chemical air fresheners. For that reason, giving flowers is like giving a piece of nature to our mother.

Never go out of style

Although many people relate flowers with a classic gift and little present, the truth is that they are a timeless gift that does not go out of style. And they have been giving themselves away since time immemorial. Therefore, it is not strange that it is one of the days of the year when florists receive more orders. A tradition that is still maintained in our days and that make it one of the favorite gifts for this kind of occasions.

They always surprise

It does not matter how many times you have received flowers. When a person sends them to us and we do not expect it, the response is enormous, so the feeling of happiness is even greater, embracing us with positive feelings. So, if this year you want to surprise your mother, do not hesitate to send her a nice bouquet of flowers at home.

Reduce stress

If your mother is a very busy woman who is subject to high levels of stress, flowers are also an excellent choice as a gift for Mother’s Day. There are many studies that have revealed that having flowers and plants in the workplace or at home reduce the levels of fatigue, stress, headaches and nervousness.

Perfect to express feelings

There is no better way to tell your mother how much you want her to have a bouquet at home that includes her flower preferences. And there is no other gift in the world that can convey so many feelings and emotions without needing to say a word. And it is precisely this also what makes them so special, because they help us to say what we want when words do not come out.

They improve our quality of life

Research has shown that the impact that flowers have on people is not only emotional, but also physical. And it is that those people who receive flowers benefit their blood pressure, their pulse and the conductivity of the skin.

Can be customized

Although you give flowers to your mother every year, the good thing is that it is a gift that can be personalized. It is true that any bouquet will enchant you for the simple fact that you have gotten rid of it, but you can also choose a composition with your favorite flowers and colors so that you know that you have taken into account every detail. Surely you get excited!

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