Can cosmetics be stored in the refrigerator?
Can cosmetics be stored in the refrigerator? Choosing sustainable zero waste self care cosmetics vs industrial plastic products. Resposible, alternative, eco friendly lifestyle

To store your cosmetics in the refrigerator or not depends on the type of product, as some can be stored there while others cannot.

Can be refrigerated cosmetics:

1. Waterproof or Durable Make-Up Products

Waterproof or durable mascara or eyeliner, because they contain “volatile active substances”, so the refrigerator environment can help waterproof products to save a longer time.

2. Perfume

Summer perfume stored in the refrigerator, the spray will have a cool effect. In addition, the perfume can be stored at low temperatures longer!

3. Non-Preservative Skin Care Products

If your cosmetics do not contain preservatives, then such as the refrigerator cool dry storage environment can play a protective role, is the right choice. Generally do not contain preservatives skin care products shelf life are shorter, if not after the Kaifeng, you can protect the deposit in the refrigerator, so that it is not easy to expire.

4. Nail Polish

Nail polish at high temperatures easily become thick, when applied inconvenience. In the low temperature of the refrigerator can increase the life of nail polish, and even you will have become a bit thick nail polish into the refrigerator for a period of time, they will become more easy to smear.

5. With Unstable Ingredients of Skin Care Products

If the environment is hot, moisturizing cream and other skin care products can be placed in the refrigerator to increase their own life. Typically, a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius or more will shorten the life of the product (that is, the process of solidification, melting, softening, yellowing or souring) by a factor of three. If the product contains vitamins (such as vitamins C and A) that become unstable when exposed to high temperatures and the product is non-hermetically packaged, these active ingredients can easily be oxidized at high temperatures. At this time, save them in the refrigerator is a wise choice!

6. Aloe Vera Gel or Eye Cream

Such as aloe vera gel or eye gel products are more suitable for preservation in the refrigerator, with the time there will be a cool feeling. If you are not careful skin sunburn, cold aloe vera gel is the best after-sun soothing products. The cold eye gel to eliminate the effect of swelling will be more obvious.

Can not be refrigerated cosmetics:

The oil-based products in the low-temperature environment will solidify, think about olive oil. Moroccan oil, scalp massage oil, facial essential oils, liquid foundation, these products will freeze in the refrigerator, or become incredible sticky, so that such cosmetics can not be stored in the refrigerator. Also contains waxy ingredients of the product is not suitable for cold storage in the refrigerator, such as hair wax, beeswax, etc., in the low temperature environment they will become hard or thick.

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