We propose a nice way to entertain mom cooking for her with this selection of recipes for Mother’s Day.

Have you already thought about what you are going to give to your mother on Sunday? And if to celebrate it you cook for her all day long? Can you imagine his face of surprise if when he wakes up is breakfast ready?

To help you in the task this week we have prepared a very special menu with recipes for Mother’s Day with which I assure you that you will make her happy.

I’d take note, that you’re going to want to get into the kitchen but now.

Recipes for Mother’s Day

Let it not be said. We’re going to make sure your mother does not step on the kitchen for a day or wash a glass. Today, Mom rests and we take care of everything.

For Breakfast

You have to get up early, that mom is always the one who gets up early and it is not a plan to get caught in the dough.

Happy mom, daughter and grandmother eating breakfast in kitchen. Family concept
Happy mom, daughter and grandmother eating breakfast

You do not have to complicate your life a lot if you do not want to mess up a lot in the kitchen. These Eggs and soldiers  are very easy to make and they are very fun to eat. With a coffee and a good orange juice are a breakfast of ten.

mothers day delicious cookies
cookies cinnamon

If your mother is not salty and prefers the sweet, these “cookies” of cinnamon, although they are somewhat devious, are made in a jiffy and are delicious.

Click on this link for different cookie baking molds.

mother sweet cookies of cinnamon delicious. these lemon
these lemon

Although if you prefer some cookies with all the law, these lemon are a sure bet for any time of day. They will be perfect if your mother is a tea lover.

And if you wake up with time and desire that the surprise is capital, what better than warm bread and freshly made for breakfast. For that, these English muffins are very appropriate, because they are made in a pan, that’s why you have to get up quickly so that the dough has time to rest -he hears, while the dough rests, you can go back to bed.


Or, since we are in the kitchen, we can continue doing things and instead of breakfast, prepare a real brunch by  daring with these Benedictine eggs.

Recipes for Mother’s Day To eat

Some quick snacking, a salad, meat, fish. Surely there are some rich and easy to prepare recipe that mom loves.

The aubergine pate is very easy to prepare if it is done in the microwave and can be done in advance. It is not heavy and it is delicious.


Do you want to add a touch of sophistication to your menu? Prepare as a starter this pear Waldorf salad that is prepared in 5 minutes.

These mussels in homemade scallop sauce can not be easier to make and they are licking their fingers. As if that were not enough they are very cheap.

If your mother likes to take care of herself, a baked fish will be something that will make her happy if you put it on the table and do not leave it or peel a potato.


Or if you prefer something more colorful, what do you say about this lasagna with hake and seafood? Not only mom will cross the plate because you will love them all. Do not forget to buy bread.

If you are not a fish, this very easy roast chicken is like a restaurant and doing it at home is child’s play.

Recipes for Mother’s Day

But if what you want is something more forceful, then these Hasselback chicken breasts will be the ones that delight the whole family on such a special day.

Recipes for Mother’s Day

There is no celebration worth its salt without a cake for dessert and now that the strawberries are in full season this light strawberries cake is perfect and very easy to prepare.

Recipes for Mother’s Day

Although if the pastry is one of your hobbies another slightly more elaborate option is this cheese cake with mango jelly.

For dinner

And we’re going to make the day a round by preparing dinner too.

Recipes for Mother’s Day

A quick dinner without any complication would be this provolone with tomato and mushrooms that is cooked in the microwave in the same container in which we serve it. Easiest impossible.

Recipes for Mother’s Day

If you’re not afraid to turn the tortilla around, this leek with spinach is perfect for dinner since it’s not at all heavy.

Recipes for Mother’s Day

But if you do not want to turn around and prefer something even faster, look how good these miniquiches of zucchini and pepper are made in the microwave and have very few calories.

Recipes for Mother’s Day

And why not pizza? If you cheer up, this stuffed pizza is a real surprise that will be a perfect brooch for a day that your mother will never forget.

And here’s our recipes for Mother’s Day. You already know that if you have any doubt with these or any other we will be happy to throw a cable in everything we can.

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