Dem karaköy istanbul
Dem karaköy istanbul

Hello everyone, such a cafe that it cannot be described, this must be what they say is lived. I went to this place as a recommendation, and a wonderful atmosphere and interest greeted me.

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I am sure that you will find the peace that tea gives at home here. It is certain that Dem Karaköy, which was opened in 2013, has attracted a lot of attention in a short time. Coming here again and recommending it to friends. I suggest you, my dear readers, take a breather from the home atmosphere of this place and taste your tea.

Dem Karaköy, as the name suggests, is a cafe built on tea. However, what makes this place different from the others is that it combines the flavors of different countries. There are 60 kinds of special tea from different countries . My favorite was the Roobibos du Hammam tea from the red tea list . I must say that it is a tea grown on the South African side and leaves an intense taste on the palate.

Tea is sincerity. It is an honor to share this sincerity with you.

Enjoy your meal.


Emankeş Karamustafa Pasha Mh, Hoca Tahsin

Sk No:17, Karakoy, 34425 Istanbul

(212) 293 97 92


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