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They say; “St. Petersburg; It is a work of art created to show the perfect harmony of the three basic elements of nature, water, stone and sky. The cornerstone of Russian history is St. Petersburg is the apple of the eye of the Tsarist Era, born with the love of the Russian Tsar Peter I to create a city that is a mixture of Venice and Paris. It is a city of culture with its churches, theaters, opera houses, palaces and wide streets that make the word magnificence meaningful. st. Art and history emanate from every corner of St. Petersburg.

What kind of city is St. Petersburg?

From the historical buildings that adorn Nevsky Prospect street to the Spilled Blood Church; from Kazan Cathedral to St. Isaac’s Square; From the Hermitage Museum and the Russian Museum to the Yusupov Palace, every piece proves Russia’s power. It is possible to find the image of real Russia here. A boat trip on the Neva river that surrounds the city can be the first step to have a good time in St. Petersburg.

Although it was summer, I went to St.Petersburg in a very cool time. It is a very neat and clean city. Streets and areas connected by canals and bridges draw attention. In fact, although it brings to mind Venice, it is easy to learn because it is a large and spacious city, so there is no way to get lost. To watch the city from your seat, it is enough to join one of the boat tours on the Neva river. Considering that all palaces, museums and important works of art are gathered around the canals, the canal tour is enough to satisfy your curiosity. But still, you can also walk around the city. Because you will find a city that is easy to learn and enjoyable to visit with its wide streets and bridges.

st. Petersburg sightseeing map

The heart of the city is Nevsky street. The street, where famous shops, cafes and restaurants are concentrated, can be visited without getting bored. Outdoor cafes in European cities are very few here. Cafes and restaurants in the basements of the buildings are in the majority. 

Even though you can’t watch the outside, the interiors are very nicely decorated, you can enjoy your coffee without getting bored. I guess this is the result of being a cold country. In addition, the second thing that attracts attention while visiting is the absence of shop windows and flashy signs. If you don’t know the Cyrillic alphabet, you have to enter the shop to learn what is done in some shops. In general, the Cyrillic alphabet, including the signs, is dominant in the city. Although it is a touristic city, the fact that the signs are not in English makes it difficult, the people are very warm and helpful.

Beautiful view of St. Petersburg from height. St. Isaac`s Cathedral during cloudy day. Streets of Russian cities. Scenic view. Nice city.

st. Petersburg can be visited during the period known as the white nights, that is, between May and July; because at this time it is not completely dark and street activities make the city more active. In addition, more than 10 festivals held on certain dates throughout the year fill the city with fun. 

The Hermitage Museum, St. Isaac’s Cathedral, Kazan Cathedral, The Church on the Shedding of Blood, PeterPaul Castle, Peterhof Palace, Aurora Cruiser, Tsarist Palace, Palace Square, Dostoevsky Museum are among the main places to see. All places except Peterhof Palace are within the city, so you can visit on foot.

What can you eat in St. Petersburg?

As for what you can eat, it’s a bit complicated. Because if you like soup , the Russians are really masters at this. Cabbage fish soup, pancakes and pickles are essentials of Russian cuisine. Sushi bars are common because it is a country where sushi is also very popular. Apart from these, it is easy to reach all kinds of fast-food foods. In St.Petersburg, Singer Cafe and Katyusha Restaurant were places I tried and liked. Especially the Kyiv chicken you ate at Katyusha Restaurant was incredible.

When Russian women, who have an indisputable beauty and grace as they are, are everywhere, one does not feel jealous for a moment. Because I have to admit that they are as well-groomed as they are beautiful. Even though you can’t see world fashion on the streets like in Milan, what you see is eye-catching and you can’t help but agree with men. If you are interested in Russian culture and life, if you are wondering what will change if the iron curtain country passes to capitalism, St. I highly recommend you to see St. Petersburg.

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