6 Benefits of Running in Snow
Woman snow running

Today we feel the winter season, where the weather is getting colder, in the orange of oranges, in the red of pomegranate, in scarves and gloves. In this season, when we are deprived of daylight, it is very important for both the immune system and health to continue sporting, just like in other seasons. There is no season to train by running. Plus, because there are many benefits of running outdoors, running in snow weather also has many benefits you may not know about.

6 Benefits of Running in Snow!

Here are the benefits of running in snow weather…

running in snow women
running in snow women

1. Your heart is less tired

Did you know that you can use the snow to your advantage in winter? According to a study from the University of Aberdeen, our heart has to pump more blood to the skin to lower body temperature in the summer heat, but not in the winter. So when you play sports in snow weather, your heart gets less tired than in summer. Even if you run at an intense pace, you can achieve higher performance with less fatigue than in hot weather.

2. You will feel less muscle pain

It is very normal to feel pain due to stretching of the muscles while playing sports. When it is snow, you are likely to feel this pain less. The reason is that the veins shrink inward from the surface of the skin in snow weather and create a slight numbness … When you run in snow weather in the winter, you will experience less muscle aches than in the summer season and you will be able to stay away from the pain that it will disturb you while you run.

3. You can work harder

The snow and the winter season make us all domestic birds. When we say dark evenings and bad weather, we feel lethargic and try not to leave the house, but we can break this order with sport! By starting to run in snow, you can relieve sleepiness and feel vigorous and energetic. If you want to stay energized and active for the rest of the day after playing sports, jogging in snow weather is just for you!

4. You can quickly empty your fat stores

According to evolution, all living things store more calories and retain body fat to be protected from the winter season. Therefore, we may be cheaper to gain weight in the winter months, but we can change this by continuing to play sports. By continuing to exercise in the winter season, you can prevent the seasonal slowdown of your metabolism and control your energy expenditure. Running in snow weather can help you burn calories and accumulate fewer calories.

5. Burn more calories

Experts say that when you run in the winter, your body burns more calories. Because the body spends energy separately for both running and warming up! If you want to lose the extra pounds, let’s learn how to spend the very beneficial winter season.

6. Your blood circulation is regulated

While running in the winter, our lungs and heart work best for us to do this action, and therefore our blood circulation speeds up during exercise. This also helps in solving the sleepiness problem we talked about above. When our blood circulation speeds up, our body feels healthier. The rapid blood flow also provides faster treatment of injuries and injuries and prevents the formation of edema.

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Watch out for these when running in Snow

running in snow man
running in snow man

Choose what to wear well: 

Choose garments that are skin-friendly, breathable and made for running. It is especially helpful to prefer polypropylene fabrics instead of cotton fabrics which will absorb sweat. Take care to choose your coat well. Choose your jacket from a lightweight fabric, with a material that protects against rain and wind. If it’s very cold, you can wear another lightweight fleece inside. And don’t forget to wear too many layers on top of each other as your body temperature will still rise while running.

Note that you will use safe accessories:

If you plan to run before sunrise or after sunset, add accessories that you can easily see around. Reflective vests or bright accessories will be the main materials that will protect your health in dark and foggy weather. With these reflective accessories, available in most sportswear brands, you can be more easily noticed in the dark.

Protect your hands and head carefully: 

The areas of the hands and head are among the places that provide the body’s thermal balance. Before you go for a run, be sure to cover your head. Also, if there is wind, it can damage your ears and affect your running performance. Be sure to use a hat, headband or headphones and don’t neglect to protect your head.

Prepare your post-run shower:

It is important not to wear sweaty clothes after running to maintain body temperature. Keeping your clothes wet can cause your body temperature to drop quickly and you may experience adverse conditions such as a cold. Therefore, it will be useful for you to take a shower immediately after your run.

Make sure you drink water:

Regardless of the season, it is important for your health to consume enough water while exercising. We sweat more and need water in the summer, but we advise you to be careful about drinking the same amount of water in the winter.

Running tips you can do in the winter

running in snow
running in snow

Morning run

Morning runs make you more energetic, positive and active. When you start your day like this, you will be more productive in your daily life. Don’t forget to drink enough water on your morning run!


Warm up first and then try this: Sprint for 30 seconds, run for 90 seconds at a normal pace. Repeat this move 4 times. Next, keep the same sprint speed, but continue lowering your normal running speed for another 15 seconds in the reps. Then finish your workout by cooling off with a jog or run.

30 minute ride

Start your run at a steady pace. After warming up, gradually increase your speed to 85% of your maximum heart rate. You can do this workout in very snow weather because it will give you the same benefits as a slower, longer run.

Hill running

Find a hill that isn’t slippery or icy. Warm up well before starting your workout and then run as fast as you can uphill for 30 seconds. Take your turn by walking or slowly running down. Repeat this exercise 8-12 times. Make sure you cool down after your workout.

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